About Us


About Jeevan Care Centre

Addiction is an illness which is progressive, incurable and often fatal. Our program helps to dispel the many untruths and half truths that have developed with chemical dependency. If you have addictive disease, it will help you recover if you learn as much about it as possible. There are psychological consequences to the disease of chemical dependency . As the need for alcohol or drug use increases and as impairments to body organs and the nervous system occur, addicts alter the way they view themselves & others, and the rest of the world. They begin to see things as they must to live with their addictive disease.

Our Goal

The goal of the treatment is to address the feelings of depression, anxiety, loneliness and emptiness in a guilt free atmosphere, so that the patient can take the responsibility of the self.

Our Aim

The ultimate aim is to restore the chemically dependent person and their family members to optimal health and functioning in body, mind, emotions, spirit and relationship